Kolloquien und Seminare seit 2012

Mara Salvato (MPE)
eROSITA contribution to AGN studies
Eliana Amazo-Gomez (AIP)
The gradient of power spectra method (GPS): a window to the stellar rotation, and its faculae to spot ratio
Jeff Valenti (STScI)
Inaccurate Abundances for Cool Stars
Marica Valentini (AIP)
Unfolding the history of the Milky Way halo using asteroseismology
Teresa Antoja (ICCUB)
News on the Milky Way with Gaia DR2 and EDR3
Mark den Brok (AIP)
Dynamical modelling of the most massive galaxies
Christian Vocks (AIP)
Exploring the inner heliosphere with combined LOFAR and Parker Solar Probe / Solar Orbiter observations
Sarbani Basu (Yale)
The Sun in Time
Noam Liebeskind (AIP)
There’s no place like home: simulating the Local Group and understanding the structure of the cosmic near field
Nadine Neumayer (MPIA)
The formation of supermassive black holes - clues from nuclear star clusters
Guy Davies (Birmingham)
Asteroseismology and inferring stellar ages
Paul Schechter (MIT)
Searching for quadruply lensed quasars with DES, Gaia, LSST and Euclid
Vasily Belokurov (IoA, Cambridge)
The transformation of the Milky Way
Christina Chiappini (AIP)
Doing Galactic Archaeology with precise ages: what have we learned?
Oliver Gressel (AIP)
On the spatial and temporal non-locality of dynamo mean field effects in supersonic interstellar turbulence