Workplace AIP, Gender Equality and Inclusion

Gender Equality

The AIP promotes gender equality and provides an attractive work environment, inviting all staff members to engage.

Confronted with a surplus of men, as is common for engineering and natural sciences, the institute deliberately supports the professional education and career of women.

The contact person for gender issues is Katrin Böhrs.



The inclusion commissioner of the AIP is Melanie Widra.


Compatibility of family and career

To ensure the balance of career and family, the AIP offers various services.   This includes the support and further development of:

  • Part-time work
  • Flexible working hours
  • Mobile office for parents & children
  • Recreation room for nursing mothers
  • Equity and Inclusion in Astronomy Journal Club
  • Support of childcare (German website!)



Social Activities

Being a research institute with mostly young and international staff, the AIP considers it important to create a healthy and supportive work environment at their offices in Babelsberg.  The institute currently offers

  • Yearly health day
  • Various sports like table tennis, Tai Chi courses, Back training
  • German and English classes

Various other offers are in planning.


We welcome your ideas and suggestions for further services and courses!