The eight employees of the IT department ensure unrestricted operation for about 200 workstations at the Research Campus Babelsberg. In addition to routine tasks, the IT department provides the following services:


  • Sever operation for the IT infrastructure
  • Infrastructure services (Email, WWW, FTP, DNS etc.)
  • System and network security
  • Network management and network planning
  • The management of cluster systems and cloud systems
  • Software and license management
  • Maintenance
  • Apprenticeship: Fachinformatiker Systemintegration

User Documentation


Head of the IT-Service:

Rainer Herbst

EMail: rainer.herbst(at)

Phone: +49-331-7499-302


responsible person for IT-security:

Mario Dionies


Phone: +49-331-7499-462


addresses you can use in case of problems:

If you have problems or questions regarding IT services of the AIP, please contact this EMail address:

If you have problems sending EMail to the AIP, please contact the Postmaster (from a different account?).

In case of suspicion of abuse or disturbing activities originating from computers of the AIP please contact this address:


Policies for the usage of the AIP`s IT infrastructur, compute facilities and services

Here you can find further information and documentation regarding the use of the AIP IT

Phishing attempts

Phishing emails are sent to AIP addresses quite regulary. In some cases, we will warn our users by broadcast emails or by addtionial information on our web page.

Current warnings
Spectre & Meltdown

recent info regarding spectre & meltdown for the AIP

more info
AIP Helpdesk

To contact the support of the IT-service of the AIP you can - if you are inside the AIP network - also use this form.