Technical Section

Technical Section is a technical service facility of the Institute, which creates the instrumental prerequisites for astronomical research in close cooperation with the scientific sections. It provides technical support for the development, design, manufacturing, integration, verification, but also for the maintenance of instrumentation projects. Furthermore, the section's tasks include the construction and commissioning, as well as the maintenance and improvement of instruments already in use and the care of historical instruments such as the telescopes at campus Babelsberg, the Great Refractor and the Einsteinturm at Telegrafenberg in Potsdam. In addition, two precision mechanics are trained per training cycle.

Strucure of Technical Section


The interdisciplinary team, currently 26 employees are organised in four groups with complementary skills:
Construction Group, Precision Mechanics Workshop, Optics Group and the Technical Software, Electronics, Detecors Group.


Technical Section manages the functional rooms of the institute. Besides precision workshop and several optics laboratories, there are a physics, a Faraday, a detector, an electronics, a Metrology laboratory with a 3D coordinate measuring machine, an ISO class 4 clean room, two large integration halls each with one indoor crane, and one large telescope simulator.


PMAS was the first instrument to be developed entirely at the AIP and is now the most used instrument on the 3.5 m telescope in Calar Alto, Spain. The AIP has also completed and put into service the solar telescope GREGOR and the AGW units for the Large Binocular Telescope in Arizona. Furthermore, equipment from the AIP has been delivered to its partners for the projects MUSE and eRosita. AIP contributed to the Potsdam Echelle Polarimetric and Spectroscopic Instruments for the LBT (PEPSI), VIRUS, ARGOS, ESA's Solar Orbiter Mission (STIX, EPD), BMK10K, and SES-vis (formerly known as GANS). In addition to these are the 1.2 m Telescopes STELLA-I and STELLA-II. Currently the main resources of Technical Section are spent on the 4MOST project.


Team of Technical Seciton

Strucure of Technical Section


Head: Dr. Hakan Önel

Deputies (in following order): Svend-Marian Bauer, Thomas FechnerDr. Ulrike Lemke