AIP-Thinkshop honoured with Municipal Award

11. November 2015. The Potsdam Thinkshop "Satellite Galaxies and Dwarfs in the Local Group" of the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) has been awarded the 5th biennial Potsdam Conference Award for 2015. Noam Libeskind, lead organizer of the conference, received the award on behalf of the organzing team yesterday evening at a gala event organized by the city’s municipality. The conference edged out the competition in the category "Regularly recurring conferences". The prize is worth 1,000 euros.

The eleventh edition of the AIP Thinkshop series was devoted to cosmology, specifically dwarf galaxies. Around 130 scientists from around the world met in August 2014 for six days on the Telegrafenberg to gather information and exchange views on the latest state of cosmological research.

The jury was impressed by the high-caliber scientific event, and the conference scored high in almost all criteria: including the scientific and social program and the perceived image of Potsdam. Gender balance, family planning and issues regarding minority representation, were also highlighted by the jury for comendation: participants from developing countries were present and child care was offered. Following the conference, scientific publications from research collaborations have emerged that are based on contacts and scientific questions raised during the conference.

Press release 11th AIP Thinkshop


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