Karl-Heinz Rädler awarded with Karl-Schwarzschild Medal

25 September 2013. The Karl-Schwarzschild Medal, one of the most honoured awards for astronomical research, goes to Karl-Heinz Rädler, scientist at at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP). The Astronomische Gesellschaft (Astronomical Society) honours him for his research in the area of magnetohydrodynamic.
Karl-Heinz Rädler awarded with Karl-Schwarzschild Medal

Karl-Heinz Rädler. (Photo: AIP)

The Karl-Schwarzschild Medal is named after the distinguished German astronomer Karl Schwarzschild (1873-1916), who was director oft the Astrophysical Observatory Potsdam at the Telegrafenberg from 1909 to 1916. The medal is awarded since 1959 and was given so far to five Nobel laureates as well as to Martin Schwarzschild, Karl Schwarzschild’s son, who had to emigrate to the US in 1937. The medal is annually awarded by the Astronomische Gesellschaft (Astronomical Society) to astronomers of highest scientific standing.

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