New Schwarzschild Fellow: Arianna Di Cintio

13 January 2017. The AIP welcomes Karl Schwarzschild Fellow Arianna Di Cintio. She completed her Ph.D. in 2014 at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain, during which she also spent three months visiting AIP. After her PhD she has been working as independent fellow at the DARK cosmology centre Copenhagen.
New Schwarzschild Fellow: Arianna Di Cintio

Arianna Di Cintio (Credit: private)

Arianna Di Cintio's main interest is in galaxy formation and evolution, using numerical cosmological simulations. She focuses on small-scale problems of the current cosmological paradigm, trying to understand the nature of dark matter. Since 2011, she is part of the CLUES project, an international collaboration including AIP scientists, that aims at a better understanding of the properties of galaxies in the Local Universe. As a next project, Arianna Di Cintio is planning to investigate dwarf galaxies within the Local Volume together with AIP scientists from the Cosmology research section.

The Karl Schwarzschild Fellowship is awarded regularly with an alternating focus on extragalactic astrophysics and cosmic magnetic fields. The fellows should have received their PhD within the last five years and are identified in an  international search. They are expected to carry out an independent research programme and to contribute to the scientific life of the AIP including co-supervision of students.

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Science Contact: Dr. Arianna Di Cintio, +49 331 7499 346,
Media Contact: Dr. Janine Fohlmeister, +49 331 7499 802,

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