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How is the time distributed?
All available time is shared at 75% to AIP/CORE proposals, 20% to Spanish CAT time and 5% for international (CCI) programs.
To which TAC do I apply?
Depending on the affiliation of the PI, you either apply to AIP/CORE, if the PI has an affiliation within the AIP, or to CAT time, if the PI is based on a Spanish institution. International users are encouraged to apply within the CCI framework.
When do I apply?
This depends on the TAC you apply to. AIP/CORE proposals can be submitted at any time. Decision within the TAC is scheduled for two weeks before the start of the season.
Which instruments are available?
We strongly follow the philosophy one telescope-one instrument. Thus, for imaging WiFSIP is available, for spectroscopy you may choose the SES.
Is there a fast reaction/ToO mode?
In principle, robotic telescopes are your choice if fast reaction to new targets is needed. If ToO proposals are accepted (i.e. proposals without target names or coordinates) depends on your TAC. In any case, a delay of maximal 120 hours may apply from filling out the target submission form until the object is available at the telescope.
How do I calculate the time I need for my observation?
There are ETCs for both instruments. Movement of the telescope should be accounted with 40 seconds. Depending on your focusing, acquire and guiding settings, additional time should be added to your shutter-open time. In case of multiple exposures, a read-out time of 60 seconds has to be added for each consecutive exposure.
What do I do if my proposal was accepted?
Independently from your TAC, you as the PI of a proposal will receive a password for login at the phase-II target submission page. A template will be provided tailored to the requests you put into your proposal. It is the responsibility of this person to fill out the missing information correctly. Only a single person per proposal is allowed to actually submit the target definition.
I have a problem launching the Submission applet on OSX Yosemite with Java 8 update 45?
Issue is due to increased security settings in OSX java. See help here.
How do I know that my target has been observed?
Generally, e-mail notifications are sent to the PI as soon as a target is picked within the system. Check your preferences setting for additional notification possibilities.
How do I retrieve data?
The PI and all valid STELLA users assigned as proposal team members during the target preparation may retrieve raw or reduced data using SFTP from stella.aip.de. Use the proposal overview pages to collect the data your interested inn.
Is there an acknowledgement policy for data obtained with STELLA?
Yes, please check out our requested acknowledgements.