Cosmic Magnetic Fields

The goal at AIP is to understand the complex relationship between the structure of matter and the geometry and strength of magnetic fields with particular focus on solar and stellar magnetism and their connections. Comparable efforts are also made to study planetary and galactic magnetic fields. Large telescopes like the LBT and the VLT are used, along with smaller robotic telescopes like STELLA for high-resolution spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry. Supercomputers are used to create MHD simulations. The main projects of 2010/11 were the “solar-stellar connection” with the STELLA projects, the construction of PEPSI for the LBT, the “Radio Sun” with LOFAR, the solar telescope GREGOR, with its Fabry-Perot Interferometer, as well as the verification of magnetic instabilities with the new laboratory experiment GATE.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Klaus G. Strassmeier, Director Research Branch "Cosmic Magnetic Fields",